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Production of cords, braids and ribbons in 100% FSC certified paper, usable in various sectors:

Shopper strings, Paper bag handles, Boutique manual bag strings, Box strings, Decorating strings, Packaging ribbons, Decorating ribbon, Decorations, Decorative ribbons, Box ribbons, Ceremony ribbons, Shopper handles, Ribbons for Paper Bags, Fashion Ribbons, Ribbons for Packaging and Gifts, Ribbons for Wedding Favors, Pastry Making, Florists, Ribbons for Floriculture

We can also produce Cords and Ribbons in Recycled Cotton/GRS, Recycled Polyester, Tencel and Organic Cotton.
Nastri & Tubolari piatti in CARTA

Flat & Tubulars PAPER Ribbons

Treccia 100% CARTA

100% PAPER braid