Cords and Braids

Linea PPL Automatiche

PPL cord with Paper FSC or cotton inside, suitable for Automatic machines of Paper bags. Our Company is Certified FSC


Polypropylene/ FSC Paper or Cotton

Sizes Available:

mm.4 – mm.5


in 5.000m Bobbin


Cords for Automatic Machines for Shoppers, Automatic paper Bags, Cords for Shoppers Converter, Automatic Handles for Shopping Bags, Packaging, Handles for Boxes, Decoration


Linea PPL Automatiche is available also in Pantone colors on demand. We use just first choice materials, controlled and with FSC Paper

Trecce in PPL Automatiche – Available Colours

134 Nero

128 Grigio

717 Argento

96 Blu

85 Blu Royal

83 Azzurro

LL530 Lilla

35 Bordeaux

26 Fuxia

33 Rosso

17 Rosa

15 Arancio

GL135 Arancio

4 Giallo

5 Giallo

GL09 Oro

155 Oro

46 Beige

BC13 Juta

148 Avorio

99 Rame

111 Marrone

1 Bianco

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