Cords and Braids

Special Waxed Laces

Combining different working processes You can obtain Braid of Braids or Braids of Twines, round or flat



Sizes Available:

Round: from mm.5 to mm.8

Flat: from mm.5 to mm.25


in Bobbin or Cut in Pieces


Cords for Shoppers, Cords for Paper Bags, Braids for Shopping Packaging, Fashion and Accessories, Handles for Boxes, Shoelaces, Strings for Shoes , Waxed laces for TNT bags, Labels and Tags, Cords for Belts Manufacturing, Fabrics for Cloths, Jewelry, Bracelets and Necklaces ,Decorations, Furniture


Special Waxed Laces are available in Pantone color on demand

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