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Main Fields

Shoppers Shoppers
Braid suitable for bag handles manufacturing. Ropes for shoppers, ropes for paper bags, ropes in cotton or PP.
  Nautica Boating
Resistant and Elegant ropes and braids for mooring and for finishing Yachts and Boats. Ropes for boat, boating ropes, ropes for mooring, braids and ropes for yacht.
Pesca Fishing
Professional Ropes and Braids used for equipping fishing nets and for carrying out the activities on board. Ropes for equipping nets, ropes for fishing, ropes for mussel breeding, ropes for jails .
  Ferramenta e Industria Industry
For any field and use, the aid by an highly performing cable. Ropes for hardware shops, braids and ropes for industry.
Agricoltura Agriculture
Braids which they do not worry about the weather: strong and “robust” as your trees. Ropes for agriculture, ropes for binding, ropes for Vineyard.
  Edilizia Building
Small and Great Works.
For the safety on building site. Ropes for building, ropes for hoisting, ropes for jetty, security ropes.
Montagna Mountain
Your life hanged to a rope…Choose the most serious!
  Nastri e passamanerie Ribbons and Passamaneria
For curtains, fabrics and furnishings with attention to the design. Cotton ropes, ropes for sofa, twisted of PP, braids and trimmings, ropes for curtains.
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